The 21st Agenda EP

by The 21st Agenda

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released July 29, 2016

All songs written and performed by The 21st Agenda
Mixed by - Peter Zawalski
Mastered by - Andrew Ratcliffe
Recorded by - The 21st Agenda and QuinnCMusic
Art by - Nick Sargeant and Levi Jones

The 21st Agenda is:
Tyler Sabatier - Vocals
Nelson Collins-Lee - Drums
Levi Jones - Guitar
Rory Fisher - Bass




The 21st Agenda Red Deer, Alberta

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Track Name: Blind/Sighted
I pulled the lids back to stare at the sun
I can fit everything I need into that blank spot
I could get used to this, or I could hope for something better
I could wait a little longer, for the weather to get better

I can see on the other side

Look on the other side, the grass is on fire
Stay where you are, up to your knees in constant shit
Accept it

Do you see the need to investigate your loss?
Why can't you just take my word for it?Just take my word, trust me

I swear I’ve seen it all beforeOh high tides, wash away my life
Oh high tides, give me back what’s mine

Do you see the need to investigate your loss?
Why can't you just take my word?
And accept it
Track Name: Caustic
You’re forgetting again
No one wants to see that shit

From so far away we can barely make out the mistakes we've made
When you think back, put a nail in it
Think of all the flowers that can grow upon where we bury the hatchet

Forget the fact you're part of the crime
Ignore their jaws, they’re just biting their time

One day there will be a knock on the door
A message scrawled on the wall
Too bold to ignore

Misery made this roof over your head, and it can take it away

You can’t even close your eyes anymore
It’s at your door
Track Name: A Streetcar Named Disaster
We had turned our blind eye to the sea
Forgot of the precursing past tragedy
And if my hind-sight does serve me right
There were two souls fighting for gound on that night

I seen the eye of her
We stood beneath the downpour
A reason for what?
How could I have left you see That I'm fucking scared to death, as scared as I could be

Tension in the darkness but my morals are not blinding me
You sharpened your tongue, bringing grey to a dull stare
How can we swallow our pride with so much to bear?

We will be washed clean from the tempest
Fresh wounds will sting, but only for a second
We lost our footing
On the edge of the deep end
Subside to the bottom, continue your descent
The caress grips harder
I was wrong all over again
A familair hand in the water
I stare in the eyes of my oldest friend

Let loose the flood gates
These roots will run deeper than graves
Nothing will stand in between
These sails set our course
Track Name: Grace (Disgrace)
So noble, so proud
Your infectious disease conquers the crowds
You spread your will as if its the divine gosepel
With your bow and its poisoned arrows

Crush the meek
Feel them die beneath your feet

Can you find the kingdom of god without their help?

I can see under your cowl

I can see the end
I can see the end coming
I don’t even feel like running

It’s about fucking time
We see the problems and recognize fate
It's about fucking time to act with some grace
I can see the problems
And recognize our fate
It’s about time
To act with some grace
Track Name: Words of The Nameless
Drowning in a sea of self pity, the water is tainted
Continue on your path, leading nowhere
Your counsel, goes un-needed
Actions speak louder than wordsYour words don't mean a thing
Your counsel - goes un-needed
Your words - mean nothing

Useless know it alls
Can you sink lower?
Or have you found your place amongst the dirt?

Decay - Washed away
Sworn out - Abandoned
Glutton - You set this out for yourself
Jaded - You're to be condemned
To be nameless and trampled
On the bed of the river
Track Name: Asphalt
I will rest my head on the shoulder of the road
For comfort, to rest a racing mind

Skin charred, asphalt black
Scared as hell; I see the headlights coming

Reality hits hard

Skin charred, asphalt black

I dug this hole
And I made this bed
And I plan on sleeping in it

I can see the end
Lights out

I dug this hole
And I made this bed
And I plan on sleeping in it
Lights out